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Photography by GaiaGirl Pearl
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The crew of the privateer ship Jolly Bonny Anne partee'd hard after capturing a Spanish galleon laden with looted Inca gold & Mayan calendars & relics from Egypt, Greece, Tibet & the South Seas
Come find where Gaia buried her pirate's treasure!

Yes, we are still have our original pirate's village and we have just purchased the parcel next to us to house pour jousting arena.
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Another busy week in Second Life:
Jolly Bonny Anne
Ships log May '08

Second Life Land Sale
Our SL land sale has been and gone - some said it was sad to close the palace and full medieval shopping village, however its all part of the bigger picture as we consolidate in preparation for our own sim.
The modifications that the team made to the palace (adding art gallery, large photo studio and conference area), and texturing our fleet of ships made the tenure worthwhile.

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Houses to rent
I have a few places to rent on my little patch, including a tardis = please IM (instant message) me and I'll show you around. The place is secure and there are many other fantasies We have a fantasy get together every week so you'll meet some friends.
We respect privacy although if you want to participate in the madcap mayhem please do!

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beta test the X_HUD weapons & defence system
GaiaGirl becomes a crash test dummy!
Please note that this is an unpaid article about the state of the art in personal weapons & defence systems in Second Life.

ay 2008 - Well it had to happen.  A good SL friend was asked to beta test the new X_HUD weapons system available in Second Life.  And yours truly, GaiaGirl Pearl, became the crash test dummy, the victim, the object of the onslaught!  Wow, I don't want to get on the wrong side of the X_HUD if someone really wants to grief me.

GaiaGirl's verdict: The X_HUD is impressive - highly impressive!
This is the state of the art in Second Life weapons!
I'm not going to go through all the features of this awe-inspiring piece of weaponry - there will be more than enough tricks left up the sleeve of the user.  I will say that the subject of some the actions of X_HUD will be begging for relief - "PLEASE TURN IT OFF" - even days after being hit and even after re-logging onto Second Life.
If you get hit with the X_HUD, you're going to stay hit!

The X_HUD is made and sold by EAC Corporation and comes with some impressive features.  One of my favourites isnt even a weapon - TP2cam allows the user to select a location anywhere within a sim using the alt-left mouse button, one click and you're there!

 The chapter headings of the user's manual give you an idea of the range of features of the X_HUD.  Within each of these chapters there are at least six modules - the X_HUD has over 90 modules altogether.
The chapter headings of features include:
Security (for the Land Owner);
Statistics (avatars and parcels/sims); SimScan (more facts about any sim);
(of incoming avatars including advice of their mouselook, typing, etc);
Tracker (follows an avatar in the sim);
Tools (including channel scanner and high speed FlyAssist);
Annoy / Traps / Followers / Movements
(four separate categories, each with a large series of tools such as bumps & harrasses to deal with other avatars);  Particles (an array of markers including Smoke an avatar, rending his mouselook view unusable);
Defence (shields, deflectors, phase vehicles and more);
Assault (all the Havok 4 features plus others including Harpoon and Requiem - the manual states "Most assault modules will kill your target in a damage land");
Logs (a history); Rez Objects that are pre loaded inside the contents folder, included in the X_HUD are a scripted platform, pose stand, sky box, etc;
Deploy the combat drone; & other user settings.

Sound like fun?  Well it is!  The HUD is reasonably large, taking up about 1/8 of the screen, although you can hide the HUD with alt-h.  It does take a bit of getting used to and it pays to read the manual as some of the features are pretty wild - you will want to know what you're setting off, especially if you're on someone else's property.  But once you've practiced and played with the devices, it is fairly intuitive.  It is designed to be used quickly. 

We did notice some lag in testing, particularly when my friend TPd in next to me.  I was building at the time and noticed a definite push when they arrived.

I spoke to Mufasa Takaaki, a self confessed 'weapons boffin' and proprietor of Everything But BodyBags about his use of the X_HUD.
GG: How does the X_HUD compare with other systems that you've used?
Mufasa: I own almost every system there is :) and it compares very well
very well laid out and easy to use, reacts quickly in lag, and there are tons of modules to play with
GG: What circumstances you use this system in?
What are the most useful modules for you? and why?
Mufasa: as a shop owner I must say I love the security menu, quick to access, ban, TPhome, etc  Other than that I use the assault menu a lot in combat at rausch, and the followers against griefers
GG: but TP2home is in the World menu of SL
Mufasa: yes
GG: whats the difference?
Mufasa: but having them on your HUD and available in one click is much better.  If you have a griefer in your shop or home, it's speed that matters
Mufasa: you need to tell people NOT to use url spam, I'm convinced Lindens have a new tool to track it and they don't look who's doing it - you get kicked and banned within seconds
Mufasa: I used it against a griefer that wouldn't quit, usually a great attack as they can't use their HUDs and that forces them to quit, stops you clicking and typing.  Once you track a target you know where they are if they're in the same sim and you can send them anonymous messages - the messages are fine - but don't use the spam option
GG: ah yes - I have used that - my friend was sending me messages saying "hello - this is God speaking to you"

The full featured X_HUD defence and weapons system costs L$1890 -
if you're looking for advanced personal security, I can recommend the X_HUD.

If you are logged inworld at Second Life now, you can click EAC Corporation to purchase X_HUD.

 The X_HUD is controlled by a HUD - Heads Up Display:


GaiaGirl's Photo & Media Studio

As my Second Life friends know, I work as a photographer / journalist in RL & 2L and am happy to do a new profile portrait for you, photograph your event, party or fantasy situation, or work with a stylist to do a fashion shoot for that magazine feature or prepare your photos for a model competition ~ this is the website to collect photographs or order your photo session.

My photographic studio in SL is well equipped, with hundreds of pose balls, animations, backdrops, lighting and three stages: a portrait stage with multiple backdrops, a model stage for large dynamic pictures and a white cyclorama for easy photoshop pics (if you want me to put your portrait onto any background image) – in other words its well equipped to handle almost any assignment from product photos to fashion shoots.  I am also available to do photos on your location.

I am happy to work for Lindens, although please be aware that an hourly rate starts at L4000 and photo sessions are minimum L1500 ~ only occasionally I will reduce my fee if the assignment & you are worthy. IM for details! I do not pay for uploading to you, but am happy to send the photos as we make them to your email, or I prefer to save them to my disk, work them in Photoshop to make sure they are OK, and then make them available for you to pick up anonymously at a secure place on this website soon after the photo session. Please IM me!

The 1EarthMedia team is also available to build any item for your Second Life - from castles & palaces to telescopes & clothing.

Our full time Second Life staff can also organise and promote your event or sim location - combining photography, machinima (inworld video & movie making), journalism and website design.

Also, if you require a special build, we can go into the RL to make custom photos of buildings, vehicles and textiles to bring individuality to your Second Life item.

Either contact GaiaGirl Pearl in Second Life or email here



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